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Biking Route 1

Biking from Skiathos Town to Skiathos Castle
We start from bus stop no.3 (bakery) and we make a light warm up to the first uphill at bus stop no.2. After ascending 1 km we enter a quite technical uphill path where we test our technique. The distance is not long and after that we come bacj to the asphalt road which we follow for 2 km.
Following this route, we arrive at the Monastery of Evangelistria and then we start descending a fairly technical path (Agalianous stream). Then, a difficult ascending to Saint Charalampos follows. Ending with the ascent, we relax by following the road to the next funny trail (single track) passing through the forest. Thus, we arrive at the most northern part of the island, the Castle.
We rest and then we continue for the return, leaving the group to choose the path of their choice, through trails or asphalt.

Distance: 25km  – Duration: 5-5:30 hours  –  Difficulty Level: Hard

Biking Route 2

Biking from Skiathos Town to Kehria Beach
We start from bus stop no.3 (bakery) and we continue our journey on the coastal paved road that leads to Koukounaries. After 6 km of asphalt we arrive at Saint Paraskevi and we turn right. From there begins our beautiful adventure to Kechria. In the first meters there is asphalt but soon these will be preempted to meet clay earthern surface. We cross the beautiful stream of Achilas carefully enough as there are some technical points and we end up to the beach of Kechria. Here we stop for rest and swimming and there is the opportunity to eat something from the canteen which is on the beach of Kehria. For the return, cyclists are given the option to choose between the same path and an alternative one proposed from us.

Distance: 14km – Duration: 3-3:30 hours – Difficulty Level: Medium

Hiking Route 1

Our route starts from the ring road of the town from the point that the asphalt ascends for the Prophet Elias. From that point begins an uphill path through olive groves and small streams. We cross the biggest path of Skiathos which leads to Monastery of Evangelistria. The monastery is a remarkable monument of the Greek tradition and culture. It is worth noting the chancel of the sanctuary, the order of the Temple, the first hospital in 1821 and the infrastructure for the preparation of pure olive oil produced back then. There are also the facilities for the preparation of the famous wine ” Alypiakou ‘. Behind the monastery there is an easy and beautiful route that leads to Monastery of Saint Charalampos. From that point a beautiful uphill path begins under the shadow of holm-oaks which ends in Kampia . We descend having NW orientation and cross the most shady forest of Skiathos. We pass by the old chapel of Douman and at the height of the threshing floor, we turn right and walk through the primeval castle garden where we meet the historic fountain of Chairimona . We continue to the neat chapel of Saint Ioannis the Beheaded where we stop to quench the thirst from the wonderful spring water. The castle is no longer than 5 ‘ with excellent views towards Mount Athos depending on weather’s clarity. There you will meet all the protagonists that emerge through the Papadiamantis’ stories and legends of them. In the historic beach of the castle we will quench our thirst and freshen up in the blue waters. It is impossible to remain in the medieval castle town long enough without admiring those which have preserved and not go back even for a few minutes mentally at the time of the difficulties and everyday heroes. The return to the town of Skiathos is almost in the same way with small skips if they are approved by all the walkers, just to see different locations .

Distance: 14km – Duration: 5-5:30 hours – Difficulty Level: Hard

Hiking Route 2

Our route starts from Megali Ammos and more specifically from bus stop n.5. After you ascend through fragrant pines and pass from the picturesque chapel of Saint Antonios it ends up in the asphalt of the slope. From there one of the most beautiful trails of the island begins with uphills and downhills in a woodland area with amazing views to Pilio. The trail ends in the yard of the monastery of Kechria. There hikers freshen with the cool, clean water from the source and have the opportunity to study the remarkable wall-paintings of the Monastery. Then we get into a little paradise which connects the Monastery with the graphical beach of Kechria. The path then moves into the homonymous stream of natural beauty with perennial planetrees, dense vegetation and running water. In our route we can see an old watermill and an equally old oil press . What follows is the picturesque beach of Kechria where during summer there is a refreshment bar . There, after we freshen up in the crystal waters of Aegean we begin our return crossing the stream of Achilas. The basic features of this route are the waters and the beautiful forest which leads to the region Leivadakia . We continue through a dirt road for 1.5km , and we arrive in one of the few traditional cobbled roads preserved and where there is the fountain of Mammous. The end of the journey is not far since we only need 700m to reach our start point .

Distance: 14km – Duration: 4-4:30 hours – Difficulty Level: Medium

Trail Running Route 1

We start from the church of Saint Antonios and we follow the path below “pefkorachi”. Along its way we meet many technical pieces. It is a pleasant trail with alternations of sceneries and altitudes. Its end leads us to the spring of the Monastery of Kechria. Up from there an almost downhill path starts through the stream of Kechria with a lot of shadow which takes us at the old oil press and the watermill at the beach of Kechria. Leaving the beach we are getting into a stream with slight uphills again. A dirt road follows with alternations from uphills to downhills. The stream’s end leads up to the route’s starting point.

Distance: 13km – Duration: 2-2:45 hours – Difficulty Level: Medium

Trail Running Route 2

What is of high importance, on this demanding sport of the trail running, is the appropriate warm up. For this reason, the starting point which was chosen is the Monastery of Evangelistria. Crossing the trail of 600m behind the Monastery, we have to cross another tough uphill dirt road of 1000m which leads to the monastery of Saint Charalampos. Up from there we are getting into a shady demanding uphill trail where after 800m we are led to a dirt road almost uphill. This leads us after some continuous turnings at Kampia. We are descending a shady path where we meet remarkable ruins of our local civilization. We are almost at the altitude of sea, at the church of Glykofilousa. Then a road with mild uphills follows until Saint Anastasia. An asphalt road of about 1200m follows. Afterwards, we will get into two beautiful shady paths, which at the end will take us to the Monastery of Evangelistria again.

Distance: 15km – Duration: 3-3:30 hours – Difficulty Level: Hard