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Hiking & Trail Running Excursions at Skiathos Island

Are you ready to explore the beauty of Skiathos Island?

Join us on a Hiking/Trail Running Excursion through the mountains and paths of Skiathos!


Excursions take place any Day of the Week during summer season (May to October). Contact us to book the day you like.


It depends on the route you choose to follow us on. You can read more about the hiking/trail running routes in Skiathos here.

How long do these excursions last?

Excursions last about 3 or 4 hours depending on the routes you choose to be part of.

What is the deal with these Hiking Excursions?

Being part of a Hiking Excursion in Skiathos Island will give you the energy you were looking for in your holidays. Walking through Skiathos mountains, paths will refuel your batteries and lead you to some of the most amazing landscapes you have ever seen. We ‘ve planned these routes so you will be able to mark that as a remarkable day of your holidays after going on a hiking excursion with Skiathos Mountain Bikes team.