What is of high importance, on this demanding sport of the trail running, is the appropriate warm up. For this reason, the starting point which was chosen is the Monastery of Evangelistria. Crossing the trail of 600m behind the Monastery, we have to cross another tough uphill dirt road of 1000m which leads to the monastery of Saint Charalampos. Up from there we are getting into a shady demanding uphill trail where after 800m we are led to a dirt road almost uphill. This leads us after some continuous turnings at Kampia. We are descending a shady path where we meet remarkable ruins of our local civilization. We are almost at the altitude of sea, at the church of Glykofilousa. Then a road with mild uphills follows until Saint Anastasia. An asphalt road of about 1200m follows. Afterwards, we will get into two beautiful shady paths, which at the end will take us to the Monastery of Evangelistria again.

Distance: 15km - Duration: 3-3:30 hours - Difficulty Level: Hard

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