Our route starts from the ring road of the town from the point that the asphalt ascends for the Prophet Elias. From that point begins an uphill path through olive groves and small streams. We cross the biggest path of Skiathos which leads to Monastery of Evangelistria. The monastery is a remarkable monument of the Greek tradition and culture. It is worth noting the chancel of the sanctuary, the order of the Temple, the first hospital in 1821 and the infrastructure for the preparation of pure olive oil produced back then. There are also the facilities for the preparation of the famous wine " Alypiakou '. Behind the monastery there is an easy and beautiful route that leads to Monastery of Saint Charalampos. From that point a beautiful uphill path begins under the shadow of holm-oaks which ends in Kampia . We descend having NW orientation and cross the most shady forest of Skiathos. We pass by the old chapel of Douman and at the height of the threshing floor, we turn right and walk through the primeval castle garden where we meet the historic fountain of Chairimona . We continue to the neat chapel of Saint Ioannis the Beheaded where we stop to quench the thirst from the wonderful spring water. The castle is no longer than 5 ' with excellent views towards Mount Athos depending on weather’s clarity. There you will meet all the protagonists that emerge through the Papadiamantis’ stories and legends of them. In the historic beach of the castle we will quench our thirst and freshen up in the blue waters. It is impossible to remain in the medieval castle town long enough without admiring those which have preserved and not go back even for a few minutes mentally at the time of the difficulties and everyday heroes. The return to the town of Skiathos is almost in the same way with small skips if they are approved by all the walkers, just to see different locations .

Distance: 14km - Duration: 5-5:30 hours - Difficulty Level: Hard

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