Biking from Skiathos Town to Skiathos Castle
We start from bus stop no.3 (bakery) and we make a light warm up to the first uphill at bus stop no.2. After ascending 1 km we enter a quite technical uphill path where we test our technique. The distance is not long and after that we come bacj to the asphalt road which we follow for 2 km.
Following this route, we arrive at the Monastery of Evangelistria and then we start descending a fairly technical path (Agalianous stream). Then, a difficult ascending to Saint Charalampos follows. Ending with the ascent, we relax by following the road to the next funny trail (single track) passing through the forest. Thus, we arrive at the most northern part of the island, the Castle.
We rest and then we continue for the return, leaving the group to choose the path of their choice, through trails or asphalt.

Distance: 25km  - Duration: 5-5:30 hours  -  Difficulty Level: Hard

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